What can I do?

In order to reach significant breakthroughs we shouldn’t think of what has been done so far, or what we think is possible, we must constantly think how to change reality into what we believe it should be.

In our website and blog we have broadly discussed the irrelevancy of the Animal Liberation movement in terms of achieving its own goals, not to mention the goal that every activist should aspire to, which is obviously a suffering-less world. Please read our Manifesto for further elaboration.
However, the conventional Animal Liberation movement formed highly dedicated, motivated and experienced activists who are now able to abandon the fixated notions about the effectiveness of social movements, about veganism as a moral solution and the misleading concept of nonviolent approach, and join the effort to stop all the suffering caused by humanity, and for good.

The process is likely to be a long and a difficult one, we are aware of that. But only one fact is relevant – the only way to stop the suffering humans are causing, is humans’ extinction.

You might refer to this idea (which you most probably didn’t hear of for the first time from the E.A.S movement) as a fantasy or as a way too complex project, but you can't tell or even make any rough estimation since you haven’t started conducting any research yet. Please read our FAQ I agree with the ethical imperative to stop this world, but I think it is way too complicated.

For now, two things are certain - the first is that no one knows what is the feasibility of the mission before conducting research, and the second is a simple statistic fact - the more of us trying, the greater the chances of success. On the other hand, as long as nobody tries, it would never happen and the suffering will continue.

Realizing the complexity of this mission, instead of starting to conduct our own research, we formed the End All Suffering movement, with the explicit goal of encouraging other activists to form research teams.
We are promoting an ambitious idea but we are not pretentious people, so our first decision as a group was to create more of us. It can be a good idea for some of you too. Spread the word. Talk to the right people. You know who they are.
And if you don’t personally know any potential supporters (or ones that you can trust), you can create your own website, social media page or a blog, supporting and advocating the idea.

Think of other creative ways to expand the number of activists who will devote their lives to ending the suffering.
Remember to act cautiously. Talk about it only with people you trust. Use secure communication like PGP, Proxy (such as TOR), Cybercafes and etc. and prefer personal meetings over emails, chats, and of course cell phones.

Imagine that in a matter of only a few years 1% of the most committed activists of the Animal Liberation movement, which up until now have dedicated themselves to organize demonstrations and conventional campaigns, are taking their devotion, talent and motivation and focus only on finding a way to stop the suffering. Dozens of cells, individuals and groups, spread worldwide, distributing the notion of human annihilation, forming varied research teams, each with its own unique perspectives and resources, finding ways of sharing knowledge and experience with one another (cautiously) - all exploring leads and routes for the sake of ending for good the historical systematical and endless human domination over all the other beings.

As part of an act to expand the E.A.S. movement, you can devote your entire activity concentrating completely on the conventional Animal Liberation movement, challenging its views, means and vision. Influencing the conceptions within the movement would be setting the foundations necessary for E.A.S. cells to rise. Make sure more and more activists are in the radical mindset that will not compromise on any oppression system, and committedly act against it by delivering the messages of a world which is truly cruelty free, or heading to research themselves. The more the idea circulates among more and more activists - the more it becomes a legitimate option and the number of activists considering it will multiply.

Those of you who won’t choose to focus on movement establishment, should start conducting research, investigate and learn more about the potential possibilities. We believe (and hope) you know more activists that care enough and who are obligated enough to fit the mission. Associate with them and start a research cell.

To our knowledge a few groups have already started in different places in the world. Openly presenting detailed practical data is of course out of the question, however some information (naturally more of a background info) can be discussed more freely. It’s up to every cell’s judgment at each stage of course, but we urge you to use communication as carefully as possible.
If we exchange information, the chances would significantly rise. Through meetings (with activists you personally know and trust of course), discussions and global brainstorming (using proxy servers), ideas will come and ways will be found.
By merely ruling out dead-end methods for other groups, we can significantly promote the End All Suffering idea. One cell’s failure would fertile the ground from which other cells draw their ideas.

Ideas worth further research can come up even from rather basic sources. As you know entire courses and textbooks are available online nowadays, and even going through varied scientific websites, books and journals can be a good start. Another interesting resource is the several organizations and academic research groups formed in recent years, dedicated to the study of existential risks to humanity. Even their very formation in this past decade is encouraging, as well as some of their materials.

The list of useful sources is practically endless. We would like you to share any material you believe may hold important information. Please do so by using private messages in our forum (using proxy) or by mail (using PGP) and we’ll upload it to the website.

Here are some leads that seem to hold potential. These 5 are mere examples and we're detailing them here not so you fix your mind on them, but to trigger your creativity so you can get started.

Before you begin, almost needless to say - drop every other type of activism.
Think about all the time you have spent on the efforts to convince such a small number of people. Can you really hand out another leaflet knowing that at the same time you can start forming a cell aimed at no less than putting an end to mankind’s dominion?

We realize this is a 180 degrees turn, from promoting veganism and animal rights on a small scale while fantasizing of an event that would wipe out humanity, to taking steps to make it a reality. We know that time is needed to internalize this radical shift. We have been there. We realize it may also be hard to feel part of a movement while all of its members are anonymous, working in underground cells. Keep in mind that at dozens of other locations there are people as committed as you are, feeling more or less the same, taking their first step in making human tyranny history, turning their theoretical wishes into a practical agenda.

Please don’t automatically dismiss the idea as an unrealistic fantasy and get back to your cozy familiar position in your organization. Even if you have doubts whether it’s possible - at least try. Take the time and effort to research thoroughly and genuinely. Speak with relevant people, to you it may sound totally hopeless but to another person, with different background and knowledge it may appear as entirely feasible and will be the push they have been waiting for.
If you agree this horrible world must be stopped, if you wish for suffering to cease, then you must try. Initial thoughts about the likelihood of success are irrelevant because you don’t know what the chances are and because, as extensively explained all along the website, conventional activism can’t stop the suffering.

The wave off of the human extinction project by throwing an “argument” like “the human race will always find ways to overcome anything…”, is ungrounded in the better case, and a superficial evasion in the worse. Past pandemics, for instance, don’t serve as an indication for this, since humanity had never faced a pathogen which was tailor-made to annihilate it. No pathogen ever had the following combination of properties - being highly lethal, having a long non symptomatic contagious period so it has enough time to spread itself before killing its hosts, having reservoirs other than humans so it is much harder to eradicate, be airborne as well as vector borne, and with as little symptoms as possible so it would be hard to detect. A pathogen of this sort was the stuff of fantasy up until several years ago. Today it sounds like a very complicated and very unlikely science, but not at all like science fiction.
Biotechnology, particularly genetically engineered pathogens, will be more attractive to individuals and groups because of the relative high degree of ease, expertise, cost, and widespread information. The developments in biological sciences indicate there is abundance of possibilities regarding the study of microorganisms and its applicability in creating new biological agents with desirable traits.

Other crucial elements that can dramatically expend the spread of a pathogen are that as opposed to natural pandemics, activists can choose several centers across the globe from which to spread it, and as opposed to past pandemics, nowadays humans are living in very high density areas, and travel very often and very far. All of these factors can highly contribute to the spread of pandemics. For a more comprehensive view please read our text regarding past events and what we should and shouldn't draw from them.

Our hope is that not too many years from now, more and more activists would think that although it is extremely complex, the suffering abolition movement’s call for action is not impossible. And if the chance to stop the immense suffering humans cause is not technically impossible, exploring this possibility is a moral imperative.

The vision, that groups of activists with a diverse set of implementation projects may someday work, is not more imaginary than that the whole world would someday decide to go vegan, (and stay vegan forever), that veganism would someday become truly cruelty free, that somehow all the other harms that humans are systematically causing, to others and to each other, would end. While the first is theoretically possible, but practically extremely unlikely, the following two are not even theoretically possible.

We know that most activists won’t join the suffering abolition project. Let them focus on making veganism more accessible to a few more humans and let yourself focus on making suffering a history.

If you act to change humans, the maximum you can theoretically achieve is more vegans. But if you act to annihilate humanity, the maximum you can achieve is the termination of the incomparably most oppressive, violent, and harmful species in the history of this planet. Isn’t that goal worth devoting your life for? Can you think of anything better to do with the one life that you have than trying to do everything you can so that if you succeed human tyranny would end for good?

We realize how intimidating it sounds, but every other option currently doesn’t even manage to decrease the growing numbers of victims per year. And nothing else can ever stop all the other suffering causes, in the world.
We all have one life. We can use it to be another activist who tries to help some animals by convincing some humans to stop hurting them, or we can decide to devote our singular life to the super pretentious and low chance effort of stopping all humans from making all the harms combined, and forever.

The more the E.A.S. message is passed, the greater are the chances of success .The more research cells formed worldwide the better the chances are of bringing the day that no nonhuman animal is ever hurt by a human.
The image of a world with no battery cages, no slaughterhouses, restraining devices or genetic manipulations is the strongest motivation of all.

Our power lies in our devotion, commitment, diversity and numbers. Each single cell may stand a small chance of success, but this is not the case of dozens of cells with hundreds of different points of views, approaches, ideas, abilities, resources and methods. A cell with the right means and inventiveness must come along. All it takes is for one group to succeed.

Don’t focus on the small chances of such a plan to succeed, but on the chances that it can be accomplished but won’t ever happen because no one tried it.
The only thing worse than talented and dedicated activists who devoted their lives to end the suffering but failed, is activists missing the option to end the suffering because they thought it would fail.